Saturday, January 25, 2014

One of the bright young girl student receiving her Scholarship from a parent of the area. Almost forty percent of the Scholars are girls, which is such an encouraging trend!

Giving a small Pep talk to the students and parents gathered for the occasion, on the importance
of education etc.

All the Proud scholars...40 of them...and the guests of the day..Naturalists from JLR and Parents, elders of the surrounding villages posing for a Group photo!! August 20th 2013

Vasantachar, the rock behind Kabini Foundation for the past 12 years! He is the Coordinator for the Foundation and was earlier working as a teacher at a local school. His dedication to work for the upliftment of the local community is commendable! Here he is seen giving away a scholarship to a local student from N.Belthur.

Kunal Sharma, the Resident Manager of Kabini River Lodge, an ardent supporter of local community and the Kabini Foundation, giving away the 'full scholarship' on behalf of the Foundation to Kumar to pursue his Engineering course in NIE, Mysore. Students like Kumar are eligible to get a full scholarship for their future studies provided they get a seat on merit and minimum scores.

Venkatappa, one such student who got a full scholarship from Kabini Foundation, has now finished his B.E course from J.C College of Engineering, Mysore. He will now act as a mentor to Kumar!

20th August 2013--Annual Scholarship Day 2013 at the Kabini Foundation! Picture shows the Oath-talking ceremony in which the Scholars are taking an Oath that they will use the scholarship money well, study hard, respect their teachers and elders etc.